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East Shore Live: A Performance Gallery is an art gallery of performance - a multimedia concert series, featuring artists in many genres from across the Puget Sound region.

Off The Cuff - April 16th

Gary Schwartz, an award-winning, TV and film actor, director, master improvisational acting coach and now author, had a story to tell. In fact, he has so many stories it took an entire evening to tell them! This incredible show included songs, videos, monologues, pantomimes, and even poetry that represented Gary Schwartz’s career - starting out as a class clown, his showbiz debut as a 13 year old professional mime, to his transition to Hollywood as a comedian, TV, film and voice actor and renowned Improv teacher. He even led the audience in some Theater Games and included a talk with local playwright Jamie Gower - taking questions about his storied career.

We won't soon forget this amazing evening!